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12 Ways My Class Gift is Transforming Senior Class Giving

12 Ways My Class Gift is Transforming Senior Class Giving

July 23, 2016
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My Class Gift focuses on renewing and transforming higher education alumni giving through an innovative crowdfunding platform and senior class gift model. Here are 12 ways that we are putting that vision into action.

2016agentswithcheck212. Crowdfunding the Right Way

Billions of dollars are raised every year for various causes through a number of online crowdfunding sites. Platforms can often be difficult to set up and expensive, but My Class Gift offers an easy-to-use crowdfunding platform focused on Senior Class Gifts (even though it’s perfect for many other projects) with no additional investment from the institution

11. Killer web tools

Our tech team creates custom websites and crowdfunding platforms for each institution we work with at NO OUT-OF-POCKET EXPENSE. Sites include logos, photos, videos and text directly from each institution and aligns with branding standards in colors, fonts and more. Everything is desktop- and mobile-friendly so that students can give no matter where they are.

10. Pledge and Give Modelgiving-back

Millennials get excited about making big impacts. That’s why we work with seniors to encourage them to make $1,000+ pledges that they can pay off over time through smaller recurring payments. Collectively, the pledges from all the seniors become a significant gift from the class (typical Class Gift is greater than $65,000). It’s this kind of well-defined plan that sets My Class Gift apart from other crowdfunders.

9. Proven Plan for Success

We believe that a new model is necessary for transforming alumni giving. Our team is exceptional at teaching that model to institutions and our digital guidebook provides a proven and simple roadmap to success. The guidebook even comes complete with a timeline, marketing strategy, training materials for class agents and more. Our goal at My Class Gift is to provide as close to a turnkey solution for institutions without charging an arm and a leg for that information.

8. Delayed Start Dates

Graduating college is a pretty crazy time…especially for seniors who may not be getting a paycheck for a couple weeks or months. That’s why My Class Gift allows donors to make their pledge now, be part of the big check presentation at graduation, but delay their first monthly payment until later. We feel like allowing those students that want to give the flexibility to give when the time is right is critical to overall success.

7. Building Leaderscrowdfunding

No matter the project, the old fundraising adage is still true, people give to people. That’s why we make recruiting, training and equipping Class Gift Agents a priority. These groups of students make everything else possible and continue to be some of the institution’s best donors and advocates long after the Class Gift is complete.

6. Consistency

Every year brings a whole new crop of seniors planning the Class Gift. Plus, we know that staff turnover happens at institutions all the time. Partnering with My Class Gift means consistency and sustainability every year regardless of who’s planning things inside the institution.

5. Reports and Analysischarts

Custom gift exports and real-time reporting allows immediate analysis of giving and marketing efforts. This allows institutions to learn what is working with their students and adjust as often as necessary. Additionally, My Class Gift loves data. We believe strongly in data-driven decisions and are continuously researching and gathering information to help make our clients more successful.

4. #socialmedia

We make sharing projects and project updates fun, rewarding and super simple. Engaging donors and Class Gift Agents in the marketing of the class gift significantly broadens the prospect pool and makes for exponentially larger class gifts. Plus, we work with institutions to put in place a simple but effective marketing plan that includes traditional and new methods of communication.

3. Participation AND Dollarsembrace-your-inner-child-4-dream-big-1091645-TwoByOne

Many institutions consider high participation rates to be the marker of a successful class gift…even if those seniors are only giving the change in their pocket. We know (and have proven) that seniors will commit to significantly higher levels of giving with the right program and the right approach. For this reason, My Class Gift helps institutions focus on high participation with the intent of raising senior class gifts in the tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars instead of a big pile of loose change.

2.Experienced Consulting

Great tools are critical to building a Class Gift Program, but it’s the people at My Class Gift working one-on-one with our clients that make the difference. Our team has over 25 years of combined fundraising experience and continues to bring on talented consultants to make our clients successful.

1. Passionheadline

Everyone at My Class Gift believes that alumni giving is in need of renewal and transformation…we know because most of us have worked in this industry for years. At the heart of our business is a passion to make this transformation happen. This ultimately drives our team to go above and beyond to help each institution dream big and make the impossible happen.

Please contact us if you are ready to transform alumni giving at your institution.