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Delayed Appreciation - Giving Back

Delayed Appreciation – Giving Back

This week I received a letter from the Professional Program (PPA) in the Accounting Department at Texas A&M announcing a 25 year reunion and asking for donations to establish a scholarship fund. I’m not able to attend the reunion but thinking back on my professional career the past 8 years I felt a deep sense of appreciation for the program and all it did to set me up for success so I donated to the cause.

This got me thinking, throughout my life I’ve been part of many classes. A&M Consolidated class of 2003, Texas A&M Class of 2007, PPA Group 15 (Masters Program), and a member of St. Mary’s Catholic Center. Of these classes, at the time of graduation only St. Mary’s had an active class gift program soliciting donations from the seniors prior to moving on to begin the next phase in life.

Had the PPA program had an active class gift program when I graduated I may have participated then but there’s no time like the present to give back. I’m glad there’s a reunion, wish I could attend, and look forward to finding other ways to give back to the institutions and classes I’ve been a part of throughout my life.