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My Class Gift Playbook Section 1.5 - Building a Marketing Schedule

My Class Gift Playbook Section 1.5 – Building a Marketing Schedule

October 1, 2016
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Getting the word out to as many seniors as early as possible is critical to plan for a successful Class Gift. There are many options for how to do this which are covered in another section [See the Marketing Timeline Section], but from a scheduling perspective, we have some recommendations.

  1. Announcement of the formation of the Class Gift Committee on social media sites should happen in the late fall or early spring, shortly after the first committee meeting.
  2. Invitation to contribute to the Class Gift  by email and social media sites should follow in week 4-6 of the spring semester.
  3. “Why I Gave” interview videos via social media sites should be released very shortly after invitation to give.
  4. “Impact of Class Gifts,” demonstrating how “your” gift makes a difference, should go out to serve as reminder in weeks 8-10 of spring semester.
  5. Final appeal and Giving Countdown to graduation should go out over email and social media no later than week 12-13 of spring semester. Finals Week is typically week 14-15 which needs to be the priority for students and Committee Members.
  6. Additional donor impact stories can be shared throughout the spring semester as appropriate.   

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