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My Class Gift Playbook Section 2.2 - Dashboard

My Class Gift Playbook Section 2.2 – Dashboard

October 1, 2016
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The Dashboard is your home on the My Class Gift platform. All users are required to create an account and are then provided with a dashboard to manage their contact details, access additional resources, and cancel their subscription at any time.

Project creators can also view their projects however, for the pilot phase you will receive full support from the My Class Gift team to ensure you project looks great online.

Here’s a glance at what your dashboard will look like. 


Dashboard Sections

The main page of the dashboard contains three sections that can be customized to your program. Content can be placed in each section as a default for all users or tailored to the level they give. For example, if a user that gives $1,000 receives a gift. Their dashboard can be automatically updated with details of the gift they’ll receive after they complete their gift. Other sections can be used to further engage the user and educate them on your organization. The below screenshot shows these three sections as project rewards, get involved, and resources.


Account Tab

The account tab of the dashboard is basic information such as name and address that can be updated along with subscriptions the user has signed up for. From here the user can cancel their subscription at any time allowing them to sign up for a new subscription or cancel their pledge altogether.


Backer Profile Tab

The backer profile tab lists one-time gifts that were made to a project on the website.