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My Class Gift Playbook Section 3.3 - Class Agent Responsibilities

My Class Gift Playbook Section 3.3 – Class Agent Responsibilities

October 1, 2016
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While the Class Agent role should not be an overwhelming responsibility for students, it will require some commitment and prioritization during an already busy senior year. Needless to say, serving as a Class Agent provides an excellent opportunity for seniors to continue to build their leadership skills and give back to an organization that has meant so much to them for the past four years.

As mentioned in the Recruiting Class Agents section above, it is important to make clear upfront the expected goals for your Class Agent team. Remember, peer support and word of mouth amongst students is what makes the most successful MCG campaign. Therefore, make sure your Class Agents understand the importance of their roles and responsibilities.

Examples of the primary responsibilities of Class Agents are as follows:

  • Meeting Attendance – Meetings to discuss prospective Class Gift donors, events, and progress towards the goals of the Class GIft program will be required throughout the year. Depending on the size of your senior class, monthly meetings in the Fall and bi-Monthly meetings in the Spring may be necessary. As the Class Gift Liaison, you should decide the frequency of meetings and receive a commitment from potential committee members before they are brought on board.
  • Giving – It is expected that every committee member will make and fulfill a pledge to their Class Gift. Their pledge should be made before they meet with other seniors or ask them for a gift.
  • Confidentiality – In serving on the committee and meeting with fellow seniors, it is likely that committee members will receive information that should be kept confidential (e.g., financial situations of donors, graduation or current academic status, or other private information. It is expected that committee members will not relay this information to others in a demoralizing manner. Confidentiality agreements detailing expectations can and should be signed by all members of the Class Gift Committee.
  • Communication – It is important that committee members communicate regularly with the Class Gift Liaison, other committee members, and fellow students. Committee members should update their liaison with details on who they have met with, when, where, an overview of what was discussed, the results and next steps. Strong communication is key to ensure Seniors are not contacted by multiple committee members, and to keep the whole process moving forward.
  • Events – Various events may take place during the Class Gift project – socials, retreats, and the Class Gift check presentation. It is important for as many of the committee members to be present at these events as possible to show a united team working towards a common goal.

Once the Class Gift Committee is on board, the initial meeting should involve compiling or reviewing a list of all known seniors connected to the organization, selection of at least ten names by each committee member to meet with and discuss, and selection of a goal for the project.  The goal will be set from the compiled list and knowledge of the committee members of the level of interest from the senior class.  A safe estimate is that 25% of the listed seniors will make a gift.