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My Class Gift Playbook SECTION 3 - Organize your Class Gift Committee

My Class Gift Playbook SECTION 3 – Organize your Class Gift Committee

October 1, 2016
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The Class Gift Committee (Class Agents) is a group of vibrant, self-motivated and dedicated students chosen to serve on behalf of their fellow classmates. Their mission is to build an atmosphere of fellowship and camaraderie amongst their peers by engaging them in a collective effort to ensure your organization will continue to grow for generations to come.

As a vital extension of the your development office, the Class Agents will assist with outreach and cultivation of other students in their class through peer-to-peer engagement. Class Agents will receive all the tools and training necessary to be successful, and will gain valuable experience in the fields of philanthropy as they work to build their Class Gift.

The purpose of the Class Gift Committee is to serve as ambassadors for your organization to the senior class  and beyond. They should promote the benefit of your organization to those served by your organization, the local community, and the alumni base.  Specifically, their purpose is to meet with seniors involved in varying capacities with your organization to encourage them to support the Class Gift program and the future of your mission.

The goal of this section is to help your My Class Gift campaign be successful, however, we encourage your team to take from this document what is most helpful to you and tailor as needed to best fit your needs.