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My Class Gift Playbook Section 5.2 - Marketing Timeline

My Class Gift Playbook Section 5.2 – Marketing Timeline

October 2, 2016
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Getting the word out to as many seniors as early as possible is critical to plan for a successful Class Gift. The following provides a high-level overview of a marketing schedule that your team and class gift committee can use for your marketing and communications calendar. You can also find in Section 3 [INSERT LINK HERE] a more detailed marketing timeline integrated with other key milestones for your MCG program.

  • Late Fall / Early Spring – Announce the formation of the Class Gift Committee on social media sites, shortly after the first committee meeting
  • Spring Semester (Weeks 4 – 6) – Invite class seniors to contribute to the Class Gift through email and social media.
  • Spring Semester – (Week 7) – Create and release the student videos about “Why I Gave” very shortly after the invitation to give. Share interview videos via social media sites should be released very shortly after invitation to give
  • Spring Semester (Weeks 8 – 10) – “Impact of Class Gifts,” demonstrating how “your” gift makes a difference, should go out to serve as reminder in weeks 8-10 of spring semester.
  • Spring Semester (Weeks 12 – 13) – Final appeal and Giving Countdown to graduation should go out over email and social media no later than week 12-13 of spring semester.
  • Spring Semester (Weeks 14 – 15) – This is typically finals week for seniors, so slow down on communications during this time period.
  • End of Spring Semester and Summer – Additional donor impact stories can be shared throughout the spring semester and summer as appropriate.