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My Class Gift Playbook SECTION 5 - Market your Program

My Class Gift Playbook SECTION 5 – Market your Program

October 2, 2016
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A well planned marketing strategy will be key to creating a successful MCG program. As fellow fundraising professionals, our team at MCG understands firsthand the importance of consistent and strong messaging to increase the number of donors and total donations for every fundraising campaign. Based on our collective experiences with implementing MCG programs, we have outlined in this section an overview of marketing and communications tactics that your team and class agents can use to generate excitement amongst your student population, resulting in strong word of mouth results and peer encouragement for donations.

In order to build your marketing and communications strategy, our team recommends prioritizing the following items:

  • Create a timeline and stick to it – Consistent and timely messaging will help to create a steady drumbeat of news and excitement for your class agents and seniors. Like any other call to action, In addition, the more communications that can be student-led will be even more influential and powerful. Make sure to share your timeline for communications with your class gift committee and ask them to assist in marketing efforts along the way. You can also find in section 3.3 additional suggestions for key milestones for class agents and suggested events for your My Class Gift program.
  • Identify and utilize your high-impact communications channels – While every school has a wide range of communications channels, be thoughtful about choosing those outlets that are most important to students. This could be your social media channels, website, apps, student paper advertising, or other student-led communication platforms.

While this section provides thorough information to help you get started on developing your MCG marketing plan, the MCG team is always available to provide expert advice and consulting to help you take your MCG program to the next level. If you would like additional information on implementation of timeline or templates for your communications tactics, please contact the MCG team.